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Alternative Methods to the Penis Enlargement

Vacuum pumps
These devices ďcanĒ widen the penis temporarily, but they canít make it bigger. The results only last while the product is used. Once you stop using the pump, the penis gets back to its previous size (o smaller) looking like a deflated balloon. It is not advisable to use these devices for more than 15 minutes per day( even manufacturers recommend this) as longer periods can cause illnesses that in general terms can be described as continuous erection which could cause gangrene or amputation.

The use of these devices is very dangerous as they can cause the effects previously mentioned. The rings are supposed to work by squeezing the penis without allowing the blood properly flow in it. This could cause very harmful negative effect. Apart from this how good a method could be which means carrying a ring to increase an erection?.

Pills, creams and ointments
Nowadays, there are some pills widely promoted on the internet. They are supposed to enlarge the penis from 1 to 2 inches in a short period of time. In the advertisement isnít stated clearly that the package of pills is sent together with the literature to do the exercises that enlarge the penis. This brings evidence about the ineffectiveness of the pills.

The urologists are the specialists physicians in charge of the surgeries. Those who work the most are in charge of correcting the awful action caused by other urologists when they perform a penis enlargement surgery. Do you know how the penis enlargement surgery works? I guess you donít. One of the surgeries consists of cutting the frenulum of the penis and hang weights to it. In some cases, one of the side effects of this procedure is amputation.

Even though this method is used in many cultures, it is very dangerous and it can cause gangrene and even the amputation of the penis if it is used for long periods of time.

Silicone stretchers
Nowadays this method is in fashion, however it can only be an accessory because it does not have any type of benefit. Besides it is very artificial and uncomfortable for your partner.

Penis Enlargement Exercises Program

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