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Frequently asked questions about the 100% Natural Exercises Programme
What is the average penis length?
Recent research about this topic indicate that the normal erected penis is between 14,5 and 16 cm, and 13,5 girth approximately on its widest part.
How does the programme work?
Our method consists of a series of totally natural techniques and exercises. They are specially designed to stimulate and take advantage of the natural cellular regeneration process of the penis. The corpora cavernosa tissue widens, stretches, deteriorates and restores continuously and in a control way, demanding a bigger amount of flow of blood, increasing its resistance, size and elasticity.
Is it safe?
Our programme is totally natural and free from any counter-indication or side-effects. There is no way that you could suffer from any damage if you follow the instructions. We can guarantee you that our programme is 100% safe.
What is the exact content of the programme?
The programme has several parts, each of which have a series of techniques and exercises that optimize the “stretch and go” effect. This was an exclusive finding of our specialists. Each of the techniques and exercises are described in detail, step by step, and properly supplemented by graphs and diagrams. They are all easy-to-do at home, without any additional element.
Is this programme really effective?
Absolutely! The effectiveness of the programme has been scientifically proven on people from different ages. There were particularly surprising results within the range between 15 to 55 years old. Under a control environment, we have certified an increase in the average size between 5 to 7,5cm. The sample showed that 20% of the individuals reached an increase of 8,5 cm average in the same period. The results, of course, directly depend on the determination and loyalty in which the programme is followed. It is important to point out that after 1 month of continuous treatment, 15% of out patients who suffered from erection problems before starting the programme solved their erectile capability.
Why do other sites sell the same programme at a higher cost?
There is no place which can sell our programme. This is an exclusive scientific development from our company as a result of years of research on the field of cellular metabolism of the corpora cavernosa of the penis. On the other hand, we don’t need to prove the quality of the programme with its price. We prefer that you make your own judgement based on the results.
Does the programme include other services?
It is important for us that you are never alone the moment you start using the programme. This is the reason why we provide you with a “CUSTOMIZED HELP DESK” integrated by a group of professionals who are exclusively dedicated to answer all your concerns. When you make the purchase, you receive an identification code (ID Code) which is identified by our representatives and send your enquiry to a specialist.
What do I get once I make the payment?
Once the payment is made, you will immediately obtain our exclusive programme on penis development and a user name and a password which will allow you have access to the members section, updates of the programme and the “customized help desk”.
How do I get to the members section again once I leave the site?
Using the user name and password that you received when you bought the programme, you will have unlimited access to the members section.
Is there any place in my country where I can contact you?
We currently don’t have any representatives due to the reasonable increase in price that this would cause to our programme. However we keep a fluid communication with all our clients through our web site and e-mails.
Is it possible to cancel the purchase once I made it?
In case you are not satisfied with the programme, you can ask for the cancellation of the purchase. In this case you’ll have to send us an e-mail to attaching the reason to your decision and the order will be cancelled *
* You will have to cancel your purchase within the 48 hours after you made it.
Is it safe to use my card?
Definitely. We have the safest transaction service for sales with credit card payment. This is done through ClickBank which is a company that guarantees absolute security and confidentiality of you information. What is more, you also have the guarantee from your own card and its bank.
Will I get anything on my address?
No! You will never be contacted by any e-mail, mail or telephone call. You have access to our New Programme from your computer, and you will be able to save it and print it.
What will I see on my credit card?
In an attempt to preserve our clients privacy, the purchases with credit card will only be charged with the word "CLKBANK".
Penis Enlargement Exercises Program

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